First full day of secondary school. T’was good. Yes. Surprisingly easy to navigate too, didn’t get lost at all.

So, we started with religion. I can’t really say much more on that. Can’t even remember the teachers name, goldmanit.
Then all of the first years were herded into the hall and the whole maths class was rearranged, so I know absolutely no one in my maths class. Me and my two friends are in three different maths classes.
After, we were herded into the hall again and science arrangements were redone, but I was in the same class, so it didn’t really matter to me.

Now though, I wanna talk about the science teacher.
First impressions; scary. Even though I have met him before, and he seemed great then.
Really though, scary. He’s really really short, kinda chubby, and bald. And for the first twenty minutes of class he made us line up on a ramp just outside the classroom so we were another foot taller than him and he gave a speech all about safety and that crap.
He had a way though, of talking really fast and saying “Yeah?” At the end of just about every sentence. The reason I note this is because when he did, he looks straight into your eyes and expects you to nod before he continues.
He apparently taught the very principal of the school and also my mother, and from her words, he’s quite a funny teacher. He better be.

Anyways, after the fifteen minute break (which me and my friend Ellen spent chilling under a tree while our other friend Mollie queued in the canteen with her friend Eva who is also our friend) we headed for the gym.

So our very first PE lesson was spent sitting around our teacher while she gave a speech. Just like most of the teachers that day. Now though, is the perfect time to introduce you to the three divas in my class.

Their names; Annalise, Naoise (pronounced nee-shah) and Aibhaoinn (pronounced ay-veen). I might have spelt Aibhaoinn wrong. Autocheck don’t do Irish.

Annalise, your typical diva. All made-up and fancy hair, with what seemed to be drawn on eyebrows that go straight across her forehead and down in a right angle. She seemed to kinda be the leader.

On the very firat day though, which was a half day, we did some ‘ice-breakers.’ Basically a beanbag was thrown around and you’d have to remember the name and a piece of information about everyone who had it before you. Annalise and the others spent the whole time laughing, and when people mis-pronounced her name, she burst out laughing really loud, and deliberately covered her little name tag thing for the rest of the game. Me and Ellen shared some glares at that.

I was happy, come my turn, to give her a bit of sass. Really just a simple “ANNALISE, who likes BASKETBALL.

Aibhaoinn. Also a diva, but not really the one I wanna talk about. And she laughs. A lot. At other people. At the teachers. At herself. That’s all I’ll say.

Now, the one I really want to have a chat about.

Naoise. She was just… urgh. Talking and laughing, also all made-up, just, for want of a better word, horrible. During PE, she was clicking her pen and was told twice to stop. After she was told to drop it on the floor and leave it. Then, she asked to go to the bathroom. She wasn’t allowed, and spent the next ten minutes snickering away with Aibhaoinn. That earned her a spot on the floor. When she still couldn’t stop laughing, she was literally sent to stand outside until the end of class.

And it was a double period.

Well, you can imagine how much I hate them!

I could go through the rest of my classes, but nah. I’ll just skim over them.

The home ec teacher seemed strict at first, but she’s fine. I met a Jennifer when I was waiting for that to start, and weirdly enough we ended up being seated beside each other. She’s so much better than the other Jennifer I know.

The Irish teacher was hardcore. Really strict, really quick, not one you’d want to cross. When she was asking some general Irish questions at the start about names and ages and such, she completely skipped me and Ellen. (Mollie was sitting with Eva.) Then, when she was asking about schools, she skipped me, Ellen and Mollie completely.

Geography was meh. I’m not really a geography person to be honest. Teacher was kinda strict, but seemed fair enough. Naoise and Aibhaoinn and also a girl called Ciara (from Poland (thanks beanbag game)) were stopped for talking, but Ciara seems nice enough. It was only that once she was called out.

After, we got split up from Mollie, but had a nice chat all three on the way home. And she told us about Carly.

Originally, we thought Carly was one of the divas. She was standing beside them and laughing along with them, so you can’t really blame us.

Now we think differently. She reminds us of this girl from our primary school. She was one of the Aoifes.

What I mean is: Aoife was hilarious. Carly is too, (well, maybe not as hilarious) but, to put it Mollie’s way, confused. Funny and confused. Like people would laugh at their confusion.

Apparently, she had run by Mollie asking where the bus was. She missed it.

Urgh okay well I’m bored.
I should stop staying up so late.
I also should have blogged about France.
Ah well.




I sit here, in the dark, the reflection of the moon on the sea sending dancing shadows through the cabin. The sea foam swirls white against black in the darkness, becoming shapes and patterns through the misty window. A boat flashes it’s light in the distance; three flashes every five seconds or so. The dark sea spreads as far as the eye can see, reaching the horizon and blending into the dull grey of the cloudy sky.
I lean my head against the wall, the curtain held back with my finger so I can see the dancing sea foam. I hear the ship’s engine whirring quietly in the background; the only noise. The boat sways gently from side to side, a calming movement compared to the violent swirls in the sea.
My eyelids begin to droop as the flashing boat disappears from sight. I lay back on my bed, watching the slow, graceful shadows. I can feel it coming, the welcomed embrace of sleep…
But no. I need to see more.
I turn back to the window, my eyes widening in delight as I spot a cargo ship, deck and towers lit up,  crossing the horizon. I watch it attentively and crane my neck as it moves out of sight. I am very tired by now. As much as I want to watch the sea, my eyes can barely stay open.
I lay down and my eyes close. The monotonous drone of the engine drives its way into my head, and the ship sways slightly, and for a split second I feel like I’m floating. I can’t help but smile as I drift into a peaceful void of dreams.

Slender Sweets

Yay! I’m home!!!
I’ll be going away soon though…
Never mind about that though cuz I have a funny story!!!
As some of you may know, but most probably don’t, I am slenderman to my friends, and my bro is Ticci Toby.
But anyway, our uncle and aunty got us sweets in a sweet shop in Donegal, and put them in a big Brown paper bag.
We were sitting somewhere waiting (don’t ask me what for) and Toby has the bag, and he suddenly turns to me and says “Look! There’s slender sweets!”
I was like “Oh cool let me see.” And he grabbed my ponytail and stuffed my head into the bag.
About ten seconds later (THE SWEETS SMELLED NICE DONT JUDGE) I took my head out and was like “Ok good point.”


(Free wifi for all! *flings wifi from balcony into screaming crowd*)

Sandcastles With Sieve

Heyo guys!
So this is a short post set after the trip to Jurassic Heaven. We went for a walk down a new boardwalk with my uncle, aunty and my two cousins aged two and four.
The boardwalk ended in a beach, and my bro and the two kids went down to build sandcastles. After a while I joined them (cuz why not?).
My bro made sandcastles with the two-year-old, a little boy I’m gonna call Adam (that is very close to his real name) and I made them with the four-year-old girl, whose name sounds hilariously like Sieve, so that’s what she shall be called in this.
Anyway, Sieve and Adam had this problem with always knocking down each other’s sandcastles, and after a while me and my bro got annoyed so whenever they came over to knock them down we blocked them.
At one stage, Sieve attempted to knock down my bro’s sandcastle and of coarse was blocked, but when she came back she said “Your brother’s very mean.”
I then said “No you were mean trying to knock over his sandcastLe. How would you feel if he tried to knock down your sandcastle?”
She didn’t look up, but she said “Hideous.”
She would feel hideous if Toby tried to knock over her sandcastle.
OKAY that’s all. BYE!!!

Tropical World: The Full Brief

Ok I typed this all out and I was so proud of it and then it went and deleted and I was really annoyed, but I should remember most of it so… just ignore this paragraph, I only wanted to say that…

Ok so it was amazing. We managed to get in for half twelve and we got to stroke a Bearded Dragon named Barbie (yay dragons!!!) and hold an American Corn Snake called Scarlet.
It was the very first time I ever held a snake, and I knew it would be dry and scaly, but I didn’t expect her to be so fleshy and muscular. It was amazing!


There’s a crappy pic of me holding her that my bro took…
Anyway, we continued on through it and there were loads of birds and butterflies and monkeys and it was all so cool!!! They even had Zebra Finches (which I’m hoping to get).
Outside, they had a huge velociraptor statue and a Dragon in the main hall and they made me so incredibly happy!!!



The best was yet to come though.
It was amazing. It was full of dinosaur replicas and it was amazing!!! I’ll put a pic of some of the dinosaurs in there for you…


It was so much fun.
The , of coarse, there was the gift shop. I got this fabulous 3D hologram-style dinosaur picture and a snake toy which looked a bit like Scarlet.


You can’t see the 3D in the picture, but just imagine it.
We then went to Dunnes Stores, where I got much-needed socks, and then on to Currys PC World where we got a new TV for this house! (Did I mention that this house lacks a good televion?)
It was amazing! The whole thing!
One more quick thing; on the way in there was a walkway with a whole load of signs with facts on them hanging from the ceiling, and I remember reading them like “Butterflies smell with their feet. Dolphins sleep with one eye open. Koalas have fingerprints almost identical to ours. A snail can sleep for- What? Really? Three years? Wow. The original name for a butterfly was a flutterby…” and so on. Those were actual facts I saw.
There is more we did that day, but I shall do another blog about that cuz it deserves a post of it’s own.
So that’s about it. I tried to type everything I could remember, but it’s probably not as good as it was before… Also I used a lot of pictures for some reason. Ah well.
Anyway that’s about all for now.